Welcome to Busy Minds

Busy Minds is an Early Childhood Centre committed to providing fun, high-quality education and care for children aged 6 years and under.

It is a place of wonder and excitement where we constantly strive to make every child and their families Early Childhood experience the best possible, where children are able to grow, express themselves, have fun and enjoy long-lasting memories of an outstanding early childhood education.

It is our passion and belief to create a positive, nurturing a family-like environment where learning and development is spontaneous, fun and exciting and where care is of the highest quality allowing children to still be kids.

When you enter into Busy Minds, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of your own home and into another being surrounded by sounds of happy, laughing children who feel safe and secure and a part of our precious Busy Minds family.

About Busy Minds

The Centre is centrally located in Mairangi Bay on the North Shore, Auckland and has been servicing the surrounding neighborhoods of Campbell’s Bay, Castor Bay, Murrays Bay, Forrest Hill, Sunnynook, Rosedale, Totara Vale, Unworth Heights, Windsor Park, Milford and Constellation Business Park for over 25 years.

The Centre was established many years ago by people who saw the need for exceptional quality education and care and has been part of the East Coast Community for over 25 years.

The owner is a hands-on New Zealand Qualified Early Childhood teacher with many years of experience who is committed to continuing to provide exceptional education and care to ensure all children are given the best possible start to a life of learning, discovery, and friendships.

At Busy Minds we only cater for up to 30 children at any one time, allowing us to truly understand, get to know and really appreciate every child for who they are.

The Centre is large and spacious where children are not restricted to just one room.

Children are able to explore a variety of different play areas where they have the room to move freely, investigate and accept challenges encouraging holistic development and allowing the opportunity for their imaginations to run wild.

It is our aim to ensure we create a home away from home atmosphere for both children and their families, as a Centre we embrace and appreciate the importance of family with many opportunities for parent participation through communication.

Children are encouraged to be peer teachers, role models, communicate their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, to help each other, to problem solve, to show empathy and develop skills to build healthy positive friendships now and in the future.

Busy Minds opens out onto a very large outside environment with trees to climb, grass to sit on, room to run, swing, play cricket, rugby, netball or football, gardens to explore and insect hunt, raised garden beds for children to grow their own delicious vegetables which they can either eat right from the garden or have with their meals, sandpit areas, swings, bikes, scooters and movable equipment which all allows for adventurous and challenging play.

At Busy Minds, every child is in control of their own learning initiating it from their own unique interests, ideas, questions and their desire to find out all they can about the world around them, continually feeding their Busy Minds.

Our Philosophy at Busy Minds

At Busy Minds we believe learning and development is a journey of discovery, exploration, imagination, and adventure.

We endeavor to provide a multi-cultural environment full of stimulation, laughter, and fun that will inspire and engage children’s minds, curiosity and  respect for each other in a safe and loving environment; encouraging a community of learners finding out all they can from the world around them.