What makes us different

Come and see us, then you will see why our families say what they say about us.

We have an open-door policy or give us a call so we can organise a suitable time to show you around, meet the team and answer any questions – we look forward to meeting you.

Our son Harry attended Busy Minds from just over the age of 2 until he started school this year.  It has been the best experience for him and we cannot speak highly enough regarding the Centre, how it is run and the wonderful teachers.  Harry blossomed during his time at Busy Minds and we were constantly in awe of the exciting and educational activities that Busy Minds put on for the children.

The kindness and care shown to our son was so reassuring and we knew he was completely happy and settled whenever he attended.  On numerous occasions we were thrilled to see that teachers had taken the time to extend his personal interests, showing us that they really knew him as a child and wanted to give him the best experiences.  We always felt that the teachers showed genuine happiness to be there and to be working with the children, as well as always looking for interesting new ways to develop the children.  Harry loved his time there and had very special bonds with all the staff.

Thanks to Busy Minds Harry has started school very well prepared and ready, but we were very sad to be leaving behind such a nurturing environment and all of the amazing staff.  Thank you so much for everything that has been done for him, he will certainly miss all the fun times and cuddles.

It is without a doubt that I would recommend Busy Minds for any prospective parent, if you want your child to positively thrive in a caring and engaging environment, you need not look any further.   Thank you again.

Hamish and Belinda Mitchell. (Mairangi Bay Primary School)

“Words cannot express enough, the gratitude we feel to you all and for the positive impact you have had in Giana’s life during her time spent with you.

As we had moved to NZ, leaving many loved ones behind, this was a difficult time in our lives. You loved Giana for the lively, energetic and imaginative person she is, cared for her and made her feel part of the Busy Minds family straight away.

We were always welcomed with smiles from the warm, down to earth staff at the centre and this made our difficult  transition from overseas so much easier.

There were always fun events happening and extra care was always taken to make every day an exciting, fun learning experience for our kids. Giana would often speak of the delicious, healthy meals she would eat for lunch and even liked Hummus, which I hadn’t even thought of trying to introduce to her, that shows that they were encouraged to try new, healthy foods!

So much time was spent on taking photos, keeping us up to date with their progress and what they have been up to. When it was time to say goodbye, little touches like a special card, pictures made by some of her friends, and blue tack on photos that Giana could take away with her and put up in her room, is testament to how much you care and how small things can make such a difference.”

Tanya Carrancho ( Campbells Bay School)

我女儿Kate在Busy minds的日子里,一直被老师的爱和丰富多彩的活动包围着!我想没有比这里更好的幼儿园了!

这里的老师和蔼可亲,善良有趣,和孩子们在一起时总是充满了热情。Busy minds 就像一个大家庭。孩子在这样一个安全又充满新意的地方成长让我感到非常安心。我们刚来的第一天,老师张开双臂迎接Kate,她很快就适应了环境,融入了这里。女儿的英语能力提高非常快,比以前更加自信了。

Busy minds帮助和鼓励她在各个方面发展,不论在知识上还是心理上,都为上小学打下了很好的基础。Busy mind对孩子的影响是积极而深远的,我觉得能找到这样一个真正注重提高孩子英文能力,老师对每一个孩子都充满爱和包容的幼儿园是一件非常幸运的事。感谢Busy minds让我的女儿成为一个自信,有主见,有韧性的女孩子!我举双手,100%推荐这所幼儿园!

Kathleen (City Impact Church School


“My Daughter Kate has absolutely loved and thrived during her time at Busy Minds. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for Kate to attend.

The teachers are very warm, kind, fun and very passionate about what they do. Busy Minds is and feels like an extended family. I always felt safe knowing Kate was being cared for in a safe and stimulating environment. The teachers welcomed Kate with open arms and she quickly became confident and learned to speak English. Busy Minds has helped and encouraged her in all areas of development allowing her to join the school system with confidence and knowledge.

Busy Minds has had a huge and positive effect on Kate I feel lucky to find such a place that really cared for children English speaking or not and how well the teachers embrace all children. Thank you for helping Kate become the confident, thoughtful and resilient girl she is today. I would 100% recommend Busy Minds.”

Kathleen (City Impact Church School

Poppy-Jane started Busy Minds just before turning 2yrs old.

As Parents, A LOT of research goes into choosing the right centre for your child. You only want the best for them. Questions go through your mind; “Will my child be happy?” “Will my child learn what is needed before going to school?” “ Are healthy meals provided?” “ Will the teachers really understand my child, will they bond with her” “What happens if she becomes ill”
Fair enough too, you are trusting these people with your very precious cargo!

The answer to all those questions is YES, Busy Minds has exceeded my expectations for high quality, amazing childcare Centre. Poppy-Jane has been so well looked after and I am continuously amazed at how much she has learned and the skills she gained before going to school., she was truly loved by all her teachers and she absolutely loved her teachers.

The centre is homely, and the teachers are outstanding. They take the time to get to know your child, and the parents too! Communication is excellent.

The food is healthy and really yummy. They also do a “Lunchbox Day” for children from 4yrs to support the transition to school.

Busy Minds have picnic nights, concert evenings which co-inside with the annual events the children have been learning about and Christmas Parties. Such a fantastic way to meet other families and be involved in what your child has been learning.

I can honestly say choosing Busy Minds as Poppy’s Early Childhood Centre was 110% the right decision and after 3 fantastic years, I am so sad to say goodbye. The teachers at Busy Minds have become family, and that’s the type of relationship you want to have with the people looking after your child.

Ashlee-Rose and Scott Morgan (Glen Morgan School)

Busy Minds was recommended to me by a few of my friends.  It was the first and only centre I visited when deciding where to send my daughter.  It was the only centre I looked at because from the first time we walked through the front doors we were made to feel extremely welcome.  It was the intimate, friendly, homely and warm environment that got me and I knew I didn’t need to look elsewhere.

A number of areas that really stood out for me at Busy Minds was the outdoor area, having a structured/ free play  day (mat time, the children answering the roll in different languages), playball (weekly ball skills), the fresh homemade healthy lunches, the pre-school programme (Pohutukawas, amazing prep for school), There was always something cool going on at the centre, whether it be mini-projects, a visitor or an exciting activity.  It always blew me away when Little Miss would come home and tell me all about it.

Overall, we absolutely loved our time at Busy Minds and were very sad to leave, however, I am extremely grateful that I found this amazing place for Ava to grow and spread her wings.

Thank you, Kate you have created an incredible learning facility, that you should be extremely proud of, you have an outstanding team and I will miss my morning chats and laughs with you all.  I would 110% recommend Busy Minds to anyone looking for that special place to leave their special little cherub.

Jacinta and Aaron (Campbells Bay School)

We could not be happier with our experience of Busy Minds.  It’s always a hard decision to trust other people to look after your children, but the minute we visited Busy Minds we knew this was the right place for Sophia.  The staff are amazing and have such amazing genuine relationships with all the children.  Sophia feels so safe and loved when she is at Busy Minds.  She is always looking forward to her ‘day-care days’.

Sophia started here at 2 years old and seeing her blossom with all your love, guidance and care has been amazing.  Her confidence has grown so much with all the amazing opportunities you have given her.  We cannot recommend Busy Minds high enough.

We are so sad that our other daughter will not be able to attend as we’re leaving Auckland, we just wish Busy Minds could come with us!  We will miss you all so much!

Thank you all for everything.


A massive thank you to all the teachers for the guidance and care that you have instilled into our little girl.

We have been inspired by your professional & caring environment for the past 2 years, that is Busy Minds.

A quiet child to start with, every teacher has been incredible.  She has been thoroughly immersed in the best of quality teaching.  Her life at Busy Minds has been full of love and enthusiasm, where she has been allowed to develop and grow at her own pace and become the confident, outgoing girl she is today.

Under your guidance, she has learned the necessary skills to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to primary school.  You are truly magnificent.

Thank you, Busy Minds, – we will miss you!

Boon, Phillip and Natalie (Campbells Bay School)

“I was initially quite nervous about sending my son Florian to a preschool environment when he turned three, as he is quite ‘full on’ and I wasn’t sure how he would cope with the transition from being at home full-time. I wanted him to be somewhere where he felt appreciated, understood, stimulated and loved. As soon as I walked into Busy Minds and met Kate I knew I had found the right place for him – the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed, the children  were happy and engaged, and Kate had plenty of time to talk to me and show me around.

I needn’t have worried. Florian settled in easily and soon made lots of friends among the other kids and the staff. They quickly picked up on what he was interested in and engaged and extended him. He was always full of stories about what he done and learned, the games they had played, and activities enjoyed. He loved having his own ‘space’ and showing us around when we came to social nights. We were always made to feel welcome and part of the Busy Minds family.

Not only did Florian have fun there, he also learned a great deal and was absolutely ready for school when he started. He is a happy, confident little boy who is keen to share his ideas and ask interesting questions, which was encouraged by the staff at Busy Minds. He also loves to draw and create. I think the hardest thing he has found about going to school is missing out on all the cuddles he used to get from the Busy Minds staff!

Many thanks again!”


I have no words to thank everyone at busy minds for their hard work!

I have to say, the centre has exceeded my expectations. I am quite a picky mum and it took me ages to decide on a centre for my daughter. As soon as I walked in the door and was greeted by Kate, I knew this was the place for my daughter to be in. Each teacher brings to the centre a different strength. They are loving, caring and are always busy with the kids. Every day there is a new “exciting experience” awaiting the kids in Busy minds and Joaquina could never wait to come in!

Having the owner as a qualified teacher is a super extra bonus, her experience and passion for teaching and learning are evident.

As a family, we always felt supported and welcomed in the centre. Everyone went above and beyond when we needed extra days, hours.

I could not recommend Busy minds enough. IT IS OUTSTANDING!!!

Thanks girls! We are going to miss you heaps! keep up the amazing work you do!

Araceli Rocco and family

Life as a parent can often be stressful and when you are looking for a childcare centre you need to be assured you have made the right decision and after only a few weeks at Busy Minds we knew we made the best and right decision for our children they love it especially the large and spacious outdoor area.

We did not want our children to be a number in a 50 to 100 plus childcare centre, we wanted a place that our children could call their second home and be part of a family environment where the teachers are fun, genuine, caring and love their job.

We found it, Busy Minds is fantastic, and I could not recommend it more highly I am just thankful we found Busy Minds, my children’s second home.


We moved our son Daniel from a much larger daycare centre to Busy Minds because it was small, friendly and felt like a family. The teachers are warm and welcoming while the facilities are just like home, with an awesome backyard full of great activities for the kids. The team identified Daniel needed extra help early on and were supportive and proactive contacting MOE on our behalf and getting him the help he needed to flourish.

In the year Daniel was with Busy Minds he flourished and really came out of his shell. Busy Minds fosters peer teaching and Daniel loved making friends and learning new things from them, his language and social interactions came on leaps and bounds. He was always coming home telling us of things he and his friends had gotten up to during the day.

The team of teachers were incredibly supportive of Daniel with his language and development, Kate and the team went above and beyond with helping Daniel prepare for his transition to school, they facilitated meetings with his primary school and the MoE and allowed us to stay on well after Daniel’s 5th birthday so he could start school when he was ready.

We couldn’t have been happier with our experience at Busy Minds and would recommend it to anyone looking for a family-friendly, supportive learning centre, particularly for our son who needed that little bit extra help and time.

Pip and Rueben (Sunnynook School)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU all so much! For helping to raise Dan, we just love how confident he has become since being at Busy Minds. I wish we had got him to you sooner!! Instead of being in a large for-profit centre, where they did not see him as a child but rather as a number!

You guys are truly amazing, such a great team.

Every family that gets to be a part of your amazing centre is so lucky. I can’t say enough how much you guys have done for us. We will be forever grateful. Bringing Daniel to Busy Minds has been one of the best things we have done for our boy. Thank you so much to all at Busy Minds. You have exceeded our imaginations as to what ‘day-care’ is all about.”

Chrissy and Ed (Mairangi Bay School)