20 Months – 6 Years

A fun, nurturing and family-like atmosphere in which all children and their families are respected, feel welcomed and are valued.

An emergent child-initiated, flexible education programme

Children learn and explore at their own pace with endless opportunities to discover, be curious, ask questions, be creative and work in collaboration with their peers and teachers to create lifelong memories and a passion for learning.

100% New Zealand qualified first aid trained team of teachers…that are recognised, supported and respected by each other, who specialize in and have many years of experience with young children.

A Team approach where children have the same teachers daily enabling them to form special bonds with teachers who thrive on seeing the delight and curiosity on children’s faces each and every day.

Teachers who are passionate and dedicated

…which is reflected in the high quality interactions, relationships and teaching moments that happen on a daily basis, who respect children’s play and celebrate every child’s success.

Nutritious and healthy meals cooked by our onsite cook

 A menu plan which is child friendly and guided by the Ministry of Education to ensure children are receiving the best possible nutrition for healthy development and growth.. 

A large and spacious outdoor and indoor environment that inspires

…and motivates children to learn and explore at their own pace. An ever changing outdoor environment with movable equipment to challenge children to try new things, take risks to reach their full physical potential.

Busy Minds sees your child as family

…they are valued and are a part of our family, we value and believe in parent partnership. Communication is an integral part and of up most importance to us ensuring we are meeting the needs of all children and their families.

Playball – A fun interactive sport and movement development class

…with dedicated coaches promoting and developing children’s large and fine motor skills, balance, timing, listening and co-ordination skills through team sports (cricket, soccer, tennis, hockey, baseball and netball) and fun age appropriate group games.

Flexible enrolment times

…20 ECE hours subsidy scheme, WINZ support for all ages.

Children are able to work with an iPad to support their learning

The iPad is used alongside other teachings, and only as a tool to help and support children to explore the world around them, have their questions answered, research and investigate things they want to know and find out about the world.

Our Transition to School Programme

Here at Busy Minds children aged 4 years and older are involved in our very successful and positive transition to school programme.

The programme values the importance of independence, depositional learning and self-help skills. Children are encouraged to share their ideas, be listened to and confidently ask for help when required. By offering such a programme children are given the best possible start to their future learning by developing the confidence and necessary skills to make the transition to school a positive and fun experience

What our parents say about our Transition to School Programme…

“We now have a big boy who is confident, chatty, happy to learn, knows his letters and numbers and draws hundreds of pictures a day- all ready for “BIG SCHOOL” thanks to Busy Minds. We really feel we could not have got a better pre-school start for him. Thanks heaps, you fab people we will miss you lots.”

“They have fun with the kids, all the while teaching them important skills for their upcoming time at school. They prepare your child so well for school that many Busy Minds children are excelling at school from very early on”