“From the moment we first stepped foot in Busy Minds we felt a different atmosphere compared with other daycare centres our children had been to. It is warm and welcoming and Connor clearly felt at home instantly. He has thrived during his time at Busy Minds and is really well prepared for school.

The children are encouraged to be independent and considerate. There are so many different activities that inspire them and the teachers constantly come up with new and innovative ways to challenge and engage them.

The staff are fantastic and really get to know the children and parents. They really go the extra mile and the communication is great with regular newsletters and facebook updates. It was fantastic to see photos of what Connor was up to during the day.

Connor loved the food provided, and we often would hear how many bowls he ate at lunch. He also loved the outdoor area where he could climb trees, ride bikes and scooters and play in the sandpit. He would often not want to leave at pickup time!

We always felt 100% comfortable leaving Connor at Busy Minds, knowing he was safe and in the best hands. Thanks to the team for outstanding care provided.

Sophy and Steve


“There is something positively different about Busy Minds compared to other early learning centres. Our son Max joined Busy Minds when he was 4 ½ years old and after visiting a few other early learning centres I left the deciding factor down to Max to where he wanted to go “Busy Minds” was his reply without any hesitation. The warm and caring environment and the staff help make the transition into the centre very smooth.

Max was a shy child but the change in such a small amount of time into the confident little man he is now is truly unbelievable. Max was not confident in group situations and found it difficult to even hold a pencil when he started but he is now spending a lot of his time drawing, writing words, joining in group games and play, he has formed super friendships and gained the much needed confidence for him to move onto school.

He is definitely ready to start school and we know we have Busy Minds to thank for that.The only negative thing is that we wish Max had started Busy Minds when he was younger.”

Justine & Andy Strivens


“We moved from overseas to Auckland which was a huge move especially for my son who could not speak or understand English, he experienced difficulties with the language and lacked confidence, he was lost within his new community.

After going to many childcare centres I arrived at Busy Minds and from the moment I walked in I knew and was confident that this was the best place for my son. I could see that the children were confident, happy and were enjoying themselves. The children and teachers welcomed my son immediately and I could see this made a great impression on him.

Busy Minds has helped my son immensely he is now a confident little boy in his new English speaking community. He has gained confidence and is able to make friends, he has learnt to speak and understand English very well. Busy Minds has helped him in all areas of development, I once would have been worried about him starting school but now he has joined the school system confidently I can see what a huge and positive impact Busy Minds has had on my son with even his school teacher commenting on how well my son makes friends and understands and speaks English. I was very lucky to find such a place that really care for children English speaking or not and how well the teachers embrace all children. Thank You.”



“I was initially quite nervous about sending my son Florian to a preschool environment when he turned three, as he is quite ‘full on’ and I wasn’t sure how he would cope with the transition from being at home full-time. I wanted him to be somewhere where he felt appreciated, understood, stimulated and loved. As soon as I walked into Busy Minds and met Kate I knew I had found the right place for him – the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed, the children seemed happy and engaged, and Kate had plenty of time to talk to me and show me around.

I needn’t have worried. Florian settled in easily and soon made lots of friends among the other kids and the staff. They quickly picked up on what he was interested in and engaged and extended him. He was always full of stories about what he done and learned, the games they had played and activities enjoyed. He loved having his own ‘space’ and showing us around when we came to social nights. We were always made to feel welcome and part of the Busy Minds family.

Not only did Florian have fun there, he also learned a great deal and was absolutely ready for school when he started last month. He is a happy, confident little boy who is keen to share his ideas and ask interesting questions, which was encouraged by the staff at Busy Minds. He also loves to draw and create. I think the hardest thing he has found about going to school is missing out on all the cuddles he used to get from the Busy Minds staff!”



“My two children loved their days at Busy Minds!

They both eagerly awaited their “day-care” days & always had exciting stories to report back.

Busy Minds is full of fun, challenging games & activities which encourages and promotes all round development along with preparing them well for school, the transition to school programme has given my children the best possible to start to school life. They cook healthy and nutritious meals and snacks on the premises and Charlie was always known to have extra bowls! The children are very well cared for.

All of the staff are fantastic, they are genuine, warm & fun. They have loads of cuddles and hugs to give. They take the time to get to know you as a parent while forming a special bond with each & every child. I have found the staff to be supportive and encouraging to me when I have come across any behaviour issue I am currently struggling with at home.

I knew my children were in very good hands every morning I dropped them off. Thank you Busy Minds we have enjoyed every minute.”

Natalie and Grant


“Busy Minds Childcare Centre has played an active part in our two children’s lives. When I first visited the centre I felt like I was walking into someone’s home – the environment is warm, friendly and full of creativity and stimulation for the children. I instantly felt a connection with the staff and felt completely comfortable leaving my precious little bundle’s in their care.

I am impressed with how the staff continually encourage their independence (but always have time for hugs) and the rate in which their knowledge and skills are developing. Both of our children have developed strong friendship groups and social skills and can’t wait to go each day, there is a great communication between parents and staff.

The environment is stimulating, inviting, supportive and nurturing for all children attending and I would highly recommend Busy Minds for anyone in search of excellent childcare for their children.”

Lianna and Rob


“Over the past 4 years we have had both our children attend Busy Minds and have been wrapped with how the kids have developed and thrived in their time at Busy Minds. The team are great and the kids love going everyday with large indoor and outdoor area’s to play and a wide range of fun educational activities. The preparation for school is evident and really gives the children a head start, when they get to school they are confident and with the skills they have gained and learnt they enter their school journey with ease.

I have always found the team to be flexible and accommodating which is important when both parents are working full time and overseas travel is also involved, so at times some extra days are needed! I always found Busy Minds will do their best to be accommodating.”

Julia and Athol


“We would like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all of the team at Busy Minds for the care Rosie has received over the past 2 years. Busy Minds has provided a caring and safe learning environment for Rosie to enjoy and thrive in. The many different topics you have covered with the children have been inspiring and of course fun and have provided us with many great memories.

After Rosie’s recent school visit it was evident that she was well prepared for taking that next step to ‘big school’ so thank you for all the support you have given her. Many thanks and all the best to all of the team. You will be missed! Kind regards and best wishes…”

Verity Andrew and of-course Rosie


“From the very first time we walked into Busy Minds Mairangi Bay we have loved the warm, friendly down to earth feeling of the centre.

The team of teachers are very approachable, warm and professional with a fantastic sense of humour, who provide a fun and stimulating learning environment which is safe and educational, which our son has enjoyed being a part off everyday.

I have enjoyed getting regular updates of what has happened throughout the day when I collect my son.
The readiness for school programme has helped prepare him for his transition to school. I would highly recommend Busy Minds to anyone looking for excellent childcare where you know the teachers love what they do.”

Strong Family


“Finding the right daycare was a big decision for us, luckily that decision was made a lot easier as we were recommended Busy Minds by a friend. Every morning as we get ready for work and daycare Milla is always super keen to get to her teachers and friends. She’s very proud of her own little daycare world – every night over dinner she enlightens us about things she’s learnt, stories she’s read, things she’s built, who’s birthday it was – there’s never a dull meal.

Busy Minds is an incredibly positive place for her and also for us as parents. The staff are wealth of knowledge when we have needed advice or support. They always have time for us, we feel as though everyone at Busy Minds is part of our family team.

She’s encouraged to be herself, gets as many hugs as she can handle and learns new skills every day. Every morning I know she is in the care of people who really enjoy being with her. Plus she adores her teachers – she tells us all the time.

We both go to work knowing she’s extremely happy, appreciated and well cared for. Its hard to put into words what a difference that makes.”

Tim, Helen and Milla North

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